Saturday, 7 January 2012

WIPocalypse check in 1

I've had a glorious week with nothing to do but stitch and here are my pics for the 1st check in.
Picture of where I was

Picture as of now I got a lot of the blue framework done and am pleased with it

next is my progress on Evening in the Park 2nd time around.
First picture is where I left it last February

2nd picture is where I'm at now.  I got lots done on this as it stitches so quick

And finally I got part 5 done on Tree of Stitches
Stitched on 32 ct Navy evenweave using Gloriana Monet's Pond for the top stitches and Gloriana Cobblestone for the wood of the tree.

So that's my progress for the 1st check in, hope everyone else managed some progress on their WIPs


  1. Looks like you made heaps of progress! Isn't it lovely when you can just relax with nothing to do but stitch?

  2. Now that is lots of progress! Your stitching is just lovely.

  3. Shell, they're magnificent!!!!

  4. You make me want to shut out the world and just stitch, stitch, stitch! What excellent progress all around. I am encouraged that you say the parts of Evening in the Park you are stitching go relatively quickly as those are the same parts I have remaining. I've been looking for inspiration to pick it up again, and I think you have provided it! Thanks!!

  5. Oh very well done! Such challenging projects, lovingly rendered so far!

    I'd love to know where you got the Tree of Stitches chart. That looks like fun!

  6. Thanks everyone I have thoroughly enjoyed myself lol. Alesia Tree of Stitches is an Abi Gurden design, done in a SAL. I think it's retired now for a while until she re-releases it. If anyone knows for sure please chime in.

  7. Wow, that's *a lot* of progress! Well done!

  8. WOW - you got a LOT done! I thought I was doing good to get ToS done so I could start Secret Victorian Garden!

  9. Wow! So much progress on some really beautiful projects

  10. Those are all beautiful pieces! And you did get an amazing amount of progress done on them. I am going to enjoy watching them progress!!