Monday, 9 January 2012

Not Stitching but still craft related

I decided to try something else that's new to me.  CIRCULAR SHAWLS.  I've been knitting since I was 4 years old, thanks Nanna Grace.  I recently have been looking at these beautiful shawls and thought to myself, go on give it a go you don't know if you can until you try.  So I bought 2 books on Amazon, Modern Lace Knitting books 1 & 2.  There are some beautiful patterns in these books.
So the next baby to arrive in the family will have a lovely shawl (I hope lol).
This is the Daffodil pattern that I've chosen to try.

Can you tell what it is yet lol.  I've chosen a baby 4 ply wool and slightly larger needle gauge so it will be larger.  It's not too bad, knitting on the 4 needles to start with was a bit tricky, it felt like I had a hedgehog  on my lap haha.  Now it's on the circular needle it's really easy, and I think to myself, Why didn't I try this before?????
I'll kepp this updated with my progress as it grows.


  1. That's really pretty and I love the idea that a new baby will snuggle in your shawl some time in the future.

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