Monday, 2 January 2012

January Goals

Soooo Here is something new.
Thanks to my new years resolution to do something new at least once a month throughout 2012, I now have a blog to keep track of said resolution. (Mainly stitch related of course)
OK January Goals are

1.  Finish Stitching on top half of Evening in the Park and bead it
2.  Get kit for Deep blue Sea
3.  Possibly stitch top left corner of Venice

I may even get the laptop out and design something for a change.  I'm waiting for my birthday in February.  I'm getting the kit for Martina Rosenburgs Mystery 15 Deep Blue Sea.  Having just finished her mystery from last year, SWAN LAKE (see pic), I find that I don't want to start another large piece just yet.  Of course this may change when I put the scroll frame I was using away in the stashrobe, that's the danger time lol, seeing all my kits together one may just jump out at me hahaha as they do.

So for now I'm working on Evening in the Park again let's see how much I can get done here is a pic of where I stopped stitching on it last February, wow doesn't seem that long ago.  Well it's overdue for some attention.


  1. Congratulations on finishing Swan Lake. It is beautiful on black. Are you going to finish Evening in the Park before you will start Deep Blue Sea?

  2. Thank you Ineke, I'm hoping to finish The Park before I start Deep Blue Sea, I think it's doable as I have a lot of stitching time for the next week at least so fingers crossed.

  3. Hey, Shell! Great to see you have a blog. First of all I wish you and your loved ones all the best for this new year.
    Swan Lake is gorgeous! Congratulations on your finish.
    Do I remember correctly that you are stitching Evening in the Park a second time because it got 'lost' during your move to Spain?

  4. Hey Anne Marieke, nice to see you thanks for visiting. Happy new year to you and yours girlie hope it's full of glorious stitching time.
    Yep I'm stitching The Park a second time the first one was stolen during the move along with some other pieces.

  5. Hey Girlie, thanks for your good wishes.
    How very brave to do this mandala a second time. Pfew!
    I just became a follower so I can keep an eye on what you are up to :o)